Thermoplastic Road Markings
in Merritt Island, FL

Parking Lot Paving


Look into our thermoplastic pavement marking service


Water-based paint might create vivid pavement markings, but painted markings don't last as long as thermoplastic pavement markings do. DNE Asphalt Services offers long-lasting pavement marking solutions in Merritt Island, FL and surrounding areas.


We heat pigment pellets to create a liquid solution that will bind to the surface as it solidifies. Once our paving company has finished applying the markings, you'll certainly be impressed by the results.

Key benefits of Thermoplastic Pavement Markings :

Cars can drive on the surface within 20 minutes of application.

The top coat of glass beads creates a reflective, non-slip surface.

Thermoplastic markings resist fading better than water-based paint.

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