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Road resurfacing, also known as overlay, is an inexpensive way to repair minor wear and tear, without the need for a full overhaul of the road.

In short, Florida asphalt resurfacing involves milling, or the removal, of the top layer of damaged asphalt. This layer is then replaced with a new, fresh layer of asphalt.

By remedying small cracks and deterioration with blacktop resurfacing, property owners can ensure that incoming guests and customers experience a nicer, smoother ride.

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Asphalt Resurfacing vs. Replacement

Asphalt resurfacing is less expensive than a full surface overhaul and replacement. Resurfacing is best for driveways, parking lots, or roads with minor wear and damage.

Before resurfacing, our professional contractors will assess the damage to your asphalt’s surface. Next, our team will clean the area to be resurfaced, mill the asphalt, and repair any cracks. Lastly, we will lay the new asphalt layer, allow it to cure, and follow it up with a new asphalt sealcoat to prevent future deterioration.

Resurface unwanted signs of aging on your asphalt. Contact our Florida paving contractors today to schedule asphalt driveway resurfacing for your property!

How Long Does Asphalt Resurfacing Last?

The amount of time asphalt can go between resurfacing is highly dependent on the weather conditions in the area. In sunny Florida, asphalt resurfacing may need to occur on a more frequent basis than in other locations. This is because the UV radiation from the hot Florida sun can cause asphalt cracks to form quicker. As the sun starts to oxidize the oils found in the asphalt, cracks and damage are more likely to form.

Generally, resurfacing is recommended every 15 to 20 years. Contact us today for more information on asphalt driveway, road, and parking lot resurfacing!

What Are The Benefits Of Asphalt Resurfacing/Overlay?

  • Improved Road Safety
  • Increased Property Value
  • Extends The Lifespan Of A Parking Lot Or Road

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